Puckered Pickles on Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich!

Aloha! Our pickles are now featured on Arby’s new King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss sandwich available at participating Arby’s for a limited time! This sandwich seems to be getting positive reviews. Maybe they’ll keep it on the menu. First of all, this thing is HUGE! It’s made with an extra helping of 1/3 more thinly sliced roast beef, Swiss cheese, a creamy Dijon sauce and the best part, tart and crunchy delicious fresh (Puckered) pickles on a soft, slightly sweet and airy, KING’S HAWAIIAN® sandwich bun. If you are a fan of Arby’s or Puckered Pickles or Hawaiian bread for that matter, you should check it out and of course, order it with extra pickles! :-)

Arby's King's Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich